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About Us

Jammin Pro

JamminPro is a global company with a head office in New York, and all International sales and logistics are based in Asia to cover properly European and Asian markets.

Our commitment is to design great Musical Instruments with embedded PC link. DSP, CPU are evolving so fast, and the analog world is replaced by hybrid machine, that we would like to enhance the musicality through total expression.

When we design our products, we always start thinking about what does the customer want from it. The usual terms get thrown around like accuracy, reliability, precision, and more marketing buzzwords. We focus on important words about what the product should be, but not necessarily speaking about what users really need. A product they can trust! Engineers and Artists need products they can put their faith in. Ones that delivers a true acoustic interpretation of the music.

The very essence of the sound and musicality is the heart. That's why we come to work everyday. TO DELIVER products that are true to the legacy that Jammin Pro will bring to this industry.

Behind prices, features, ratio, creativity, freedom and expression...HEAR WE ARE.

Jammin Pro - For Musicians, By Musicians.

Our Company Head Office:
Jammin Pro
10 cragwood road
Avenel N.J. 07001
Tel: 732-388-5000
Fax: 212-645-6561

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at: info@jamminpro.net